- Change Log -
2011 Updates
August 12th:
Species List can be sorted by photo count.
August 8th:
Results page can return individual photos.
August 5th:
Photo Statistics was added for all users. You can find yours in the Members area.

2010 Updates
April 14th
: Browser icon was added.
April 13th
: Fixed a bug on the results page.
April 7th: Species List in now sortable by genus, species, common name and catagory.
April 3rd: Most popular photos were fixed to show the correct photos.

2009 Updates

June 3rd: You can now sort your search by newest added first, oldest added first, most popular first, date newest/oldest first on the main search page.
May 28th
: The main banner was changed.
May 1st
: Correct photo page was added so users can correct photos and add species to the photo.
Apr 28th
: Added the photographer stats page.
Apr 28th
: Users can now search for Unkown Species. This feature will lead to the "ID This Species" page later.
Apr 26th: Users can choose if they would like to receive a notification email when a photos is accepted/rejected.
Apr 24th: Users are emailed when their photo is accepted.
Apr 21st
: Species list was added to the site.
Apr 15th
: Copyright watermark was added to all new uploaded images.
Apr 10th: Change User Info page was added.
Apr 7th
: Added pages to the results page.
Apr 6th: Fixed a bug that wasn't allowing IE users to upload images.
Mar 13th: Contact form was added.
Mar 12th: Your favorites were completed.
Feb 15th: Site started.